Truth about Truth (Untimely Meditations or Unfashionable Observations)

Grumpy Truth?

Grumpy Truth?

By Lee Karl Palo

© 2013 Lee Karl Palo

Truth about Truth – There is a certain naïveté that says: “the truth is amoral, so it can be expressed however I see fit.”  …As if “truth” is a tool that can be employed in its own service.  Truth already loves and hates!


Untimely Meditations or Unfashionable Observations are meant to provoke thought. They are not necessarily meant to convey the author’s actual opinion, and may be hypothetical in nature. The style is inspired by a certain oft-misunderstood European philosopher of the late 19th Century (he would have preferred to be called a European philosopher rather than a German philosopher) – “Dionysus.”


© 2013 Lee Karl Palo

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