Are All Religions The Same?

What is the direction of religion?

Is there a universal direction of religion?

By Lee Karl Palo

© 2013 Lee Karl Palo


If you are an observant Jew you remember God’s provision for the poor, whether or not they deserve it, in the Levitical law.

If you are a Christian you know Jesus’ compassion for the poor and the early church’s commitment to helping those within their communities.

If you are Muslim you know God cares for the poor as one of the five pillars of Islam is giving, and it isn’t optional.

If you are Buddhist you know suffering is universal so you ought to have compassion and help those who suffer.

As I understand it, if you are Hindu you know that those born into certain castes who suffer are receiving their karmic lessons for the sins of their past lives, so it is your duty not to interfere.


© 2013 Lee Karl Palo

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