They’ll Know We are Christians by our… (Untimely Meditations or Unfashionable Observations)

By Lee Karl Palo

© 2013 Lee Karl Palo

I was told “Christians are assholes” by someone I know. That is sad. But is it true? Generally speaking, I think “Christians are assholes” is probably the most accurate statement to represent Christians across America today. Certainly there are exceptions, but to someone outside of the faith, can they reasonably be expected to look for exceptions to the rule? How does the song go? “They’ll know we are Christians by our love!” Those outside the church could probably say “we’ll know they are Christians by their hypocrisy.” I think more Christians need to hear “Christians are assholes”, including myself. We need to realize just how damaging our “Christian” witness can be, and often is. We need to be inspired to be better witnesses of Christ. I won’t offer an excuse to those outside the faith, just an apology. I pray people can see that in reality “not all Christians are assholes.”


Untimely Meditations or Unfashionable Observations are meant to provoke thought. They are not necessarily meant to convey the author’s actual opinion, and may be hypothetical in nature. The style is inspired by a certain oft-misunderstood European philosopher of the late 19th Century (he would have preferred to be called a European philosopher rather than a German philosopher) – “Dionysus.”

Nietzsche (by Lee Karl Palo) 001 (small)


© 2013 Lee Karl Palo

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