Lee Karl Palo is a Seminary educated layperson who served as the Manager of the Cokesbury Christian Bookstore in Kirkland, Washington until the store was closed as part of the closing of the entire bookstore chain in 2013. Lee is currently a stay-at-home dad.

Lee with his wife Gaila and their daughter Bethany (Advent 2013)

Lee with his wife Gaila and their daughter Bethany (Advent 2013)

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What does the sword symbol in the header mean? The symbol was designed by me. The sword represents the Word of God, which incorporates a Jerusalem Cross into its design. The yin-yang symbol represents the way of balance and harmony (and not, as is commonly misunderstood, a representation of good and evil). Water is symbolic in the Christian Faith of Baptism and new life.

For more information on what “Paradigm One” is, go here.

© 2012 Lee Karl Palo


2 Responses to About

  1. caspianrex says:

    Just discovered your blog, via your article about the CEB. Looking forward to reading more! (I, too, have met Paul Franklyn, and found him to be a friendly, gracious guy.)

  2. jukk0u says:

    Read your letter to the editor in the Kirkland Reporter about Muslim’s consuming alcohol. Found it so egregiously naive that I thought to come here and see what else you’ve written.The tenets of a faith do not always or consistently denote or portray the actions of humans.Open your eyes wider Lee Karl. Humans are fallible.

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